Monday, January 16, 2012

I feel better

After seeing the cast list of The Drowsy Chaperone ( I feel a lot better about my audition.  Of course it still wasn't my best, which was my goal, but I could have nailed it with sweet perfection and it wouldn't have made a dang bit of difference.

I do want to brag on my friend and Annie castmate Caitlan Davis, who will be appearing as the Chaperone in one cast and as Trix in the other.  She doesn't know this blog exists, so I can tell you honestly that Caitlan has an amazing —AMAZING— voice.  She's like a young Ethel Merman, but better. Ethel had some annoying vocal habits that sometimes got in the way of the song.  Caitlan's voice is big and pure, and when she's got a good song to sing, displays impressive range.  She's in college to become a teacher, but I think she's got potential, at least vocally, to end up on much bigger stages.

Happy Monday!

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