Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Confessions of happiness

I am happy. I realized this recently. I mean, I've always chosen to be happy as a matter of course, but there were so many things I wished I'd done differently, things I wished I could change. High school memories made me sad, made me long for those good times, those people. I think I lost myself for a long time, and wanted to find that person again. That is no longer the case. Over the past two years of being essentially single and self-sufficient, I found me again. And I am happy.

So. Single and self-sufficient. Yes. D and I have been separated for much longer than you would ever suspect, and we're finally in the process of the legalities needed for us to be completely independent people. We are still friends. He owns his own company in another state, and we get together as a family as often as is feasible. This has been our life for more than two years. People noticed that I just recently dropped the King from my name at work and in social media and gasped, but y'all, this has been imminent for many many years.

And yes, I am dating. Sort of. I have very high standards, apparently :) My work and rehearsal schedules are crazy, so it takes someone very patient and secure to persist in a dating relationship with me. So far only one guy has had the patience to coordinate a second date, and even a third, and he also seems, for the moment, to be okay with the fact that my closest friend is male.

Apparently the last five words of the above paragraph is 'weird' to family who live far away, who haven't seen or spoken to me in a very long time. Whatever.

I am so unbelievably fortunate to have the people in my life that I do. My kids, my friends, my theatre people. I've got some good shows and great projects coming up (I get to assistant direct Camelot!), and my very first trip to New York City is coming together. Sure, I wouldn't mind some romance, or a bigger place to live (having a real bedroom would be awesome), a little bit bigger paycheck...  But truly, I'm happy.

Those high school days that once held more appeal than present day can kiss my... grits.