Monday, February 08, 2010

Go go gadget vinyl cutter!

Okay, so I'm very excited. Shutter Muse Studio featuring a Brush and a Beverage is going to happen, and I'm getting closer every day! I've had to start keeping a notebook of ideas so I can keep track of them all.

On Saturday, my Silhouette SD electronic cutter arrived. It's similar to a Cricut except that it hooks up to a computer rather than cutting from cartridges. I'd been wanting one for a couple of years, largely because you can cut your OWN vector designs on the Silhouette. So in my research for opening a storefront, I priced custom vinyl lettering for the door and for my truck, a custom cut sign for the inside, a banner for hanging outside, some yard signs, and various other little items. Total cost: More than if I bought the Silhouette and did all that stuff myself. Yay!

So today I was installing all the software on my laptop (turned out to be quite a chore because of Windows 7 compatibility issues, but I think I got it worked out), and all the while, my brain was spewing out more ideas, particularly for the Brush and a Beverage aspect. Being a multimedia artist, I intended to use more than just brushes and paint to create our projects--to use unconventional painting implements and/or create our own, to incorporate fibers and beads into the pieces, perhaps decoupage or stencil. Being able to cut multiple custom designs from any paper I wish, or from acetate or vinyl, opens up a huge ocean of creative possibilities!

I'm excited!